A Free 60-Turn Demo Is Now Available For 'Civilization VI'

Still on the fence about Civilization VI? Now you can try it for free with a new demo available on Steam.

In it, you will play as China, led by Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of the Qin Dynasty. Also included in your playthrough are a few opposing Civilizations, specifically America, Egypt, and Sumeria. Unlike the full game, however, you’re restricted to 60 turns, so the actions you perform in each turn are much more important.

If you’re not ready to jump right in to the main gameplay, you can always start off with the tutorial, which has the Sumerian and American civilizations. The tutorial also has a 60-turn limit. In both cases, you can play the games again, but the turn limit is capped at 60.

Civilization VI proper is currently on sale on Steam for $48, a 20% discount. You can also check out our thoughts on the game from last year, and if you’re new to the series, you might want to read up on the studio’s tips for beginners.

NameCivilization VI
DeveloperFiraxis Games
Publisher2K Games
Where To Buy
Release DateOctober 21, 2016
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  • HEXiT
    this is how you reduce piracy. 60 turns is long enough to get a feel for the game in a real tangible sense.
    if you buy it you know exactly what your gonna get for the money.
    unlike battle field. which looked stunning in the media but turned out to be a poor single player and a badly thought out multi player...
    or no mans sky which promised a lot and delivered very little...

    so yeah good on firaxis for allowing potential customers to get a real feel for there product.