Google Chromecast Coming to UK By End of March

Those in the UK that haven't yet managed to get their hands on Google's Chromecast through alternative sources can rest easy. The search giant still plans to bring its media streaming device to the United Kingdom in the very near future. Last we heard, Google was planning to release Chromecast in the UK in March. With March well and truly upon us, we were starting to wonder if Google was going to announce a release date at all.

We still don't have a release date, but we do know that Google is working on the UK launch. Speaking at SXSW, which took place in the United States last week and over the weekend, Android head Sundar Pichai said Chromecast will be coming to 'many more countries' by the end of the month.

Last month, high street retailer Curry's confirmed that it would sell Chromecast and gave a March 1 release date. A Google spokesperson confirmed that the device was coming but warned that March 1 was a provisional release date. We haven't heard anything about the companies plans for international availability since, including any details on pricing. Though we wouldn't be surprised if it was a direct switch out of currency symbols (Google is unlikely to sell this thing for the roughly £20 its $35 U.S. price translates to by today's rates), we're keeping our fingers crossed for under £30 including VAT.

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