Is Google Trying to Kill the CAPS LOCK KEY?

Yesterday's Chrome OS Notebook Cr-48 reveal showed that Google had different plans for where the caps lock key normally resides. INSTEAD OF DOING THIS SORT OF THING, Google has mapped to a search key.

That's fine by us, considering the caps lock key these days is mostly useless aside from those who like to troll the comments section. (In fact, I've remapped my caps lock key to backspace.)

Amusingly, Google joked, "We expect this will improve the quality of comments across the web."

For those who feel that they must have that caps lock key back, Google notes that those with the Cr-48 notebook can click on the wrench icon, go into System section inside settings and change the Modifier Key from Search back to Caps Lock.

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  • Anonymous
    Is it so they can speed up their searches by removing the need to convert the whole internet 'ToLower()' before running your the query ;-)
  • makrish
    edit: friend being an idiot.
  • tranzz