Web Browser Grand Prix 9: Chrome 17, Firefox 10, And Ubuntu

Last month, we ran WBGP VIII on a MacBook Air, representing browser performance in a native Mac environment. Today we're returning to the PC. But the cross-platform comparison theme continues with a long-overdue rematch to WBGP 2: The Linux Circuit.

I've been wanting to return to Linux in the Web Browser Grand Prix for a long time. You may not remember, but Web Browser Grand Prix 2: The Top 5, Tested And Ranked had a follow-up article: Web Browser Grand Prix 2: Running The Linux Circuit. As a Linux user myself, many of the results from the Windows-based Web Browser Grand Prix didn't apply to me personally. As we saw in the Mac OS X editions of the series, the same Web browser can perform very differently on other operating systems.

Today, we're running the Web Browser Grand Prix on Ubuntu 11.10 alongside Windows 7 Ultimate.

If you caught our recent review and cross-platform benchmarks of Ubuntu 11.10, you saw that Ubuntu won most of the tests, especially in segments where it simply cannot compete, like gaming. We received a lot of comments to the effect that Ubuntu is viable as an operating system for users who only require Internet access, light productivity, and casual gaming. Today we fill in the blanks on Ubuntu's Internet performance compared to Windows 7.

Recent News & Events

01/24/12: Opera updates from 11.60 to 11.61
01/31/12: Firefox 10 is released
02/08/12: Chrome 17 is released
02/09/12: Microsoft accidentally gives life to rumors of LG working on a ChromeOS device.
02/11/12: To date, Google has paid out over $410 000 in bounties for Chrome bugs.
02/12/12: Firefox updates from 10.0 to 10.0.1
02/14/12: Mozilla affirms it is creating a Windows 8 Metro interface for Firefox.
02/15/12: Chrome updates from 17.0.963.45 to 17.0.963.56
02/15/12: Having only taken the number two spot in Web browser market share from Firefox a few months ago, StatCounter predicts Google Chrome will overtake Internet Explorer to become number one by the end of March.

Now that we're all caught up, let's recount the previous Web Browser Grand Prix champions and get to know the five contenders.

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  • Goldengoose
    Really did think chrome would take the windows medal this time round.
  • mi1ez
    smhandsMust be a slow day in news, rehashing old news again.

    This doesn't claim to be news. It's an article, a regular feature.
  • kunjar
    03/14/11: Internet Explorer 9 is released.

    If only Microsoft would switch to 2-4 month regular update cycles like Google and Mozilla then perhaps there'd be a better competition. However i still use IE9 due to some websites not displaying properly with Chrome and FF.