PC Companies Ask China to Ditch Filter

The Wall Street Journal today reports seeing a letter signed by nineteen organizations and sent to China’s Minister of Industry Information and Technology. The companies who signed off on the letter say that the plan to have web filtering software installed on every computer sold in mainland China raises “significant questions of security privacy, system reliability, the free flow of information and user choice,” and urged the Chinese government to reconsider implementing the requirement.

The news comes following several recent developments. The Chinese government announced early this week that the software was not compulsory but would still ship with every computer sold. In other words, just because it’s on your computer when you get it, doesn’t mean you have to keep it the software.

Around the same time that China announced that no one would be forced to use Green Dam, a Santa Barbara-based company called Solid Oak alleged that parts of the software contained coding taken directly from Solid Oak’s own filtering software, Cybersitter, which is aimed at parents. Solid Oak has reportedly sent cease and desist orders to HP and Dell, blocking the two from shipping PCs with the software pre-installed.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years already, and I bet you can't find 1 native person living in China who even remembers or has even heard of the event .
  • issacclee
    WOW~~I was born 21/08/1989 in China, however I know what happened 20 years ago, and I know that Chinese government didn't handle it in approperiate way, so do my friend and classmate.

    Therefore, am I brainwashed? hahahaha~~~
  • issacclee
    Let me tell you something, most people in mainland china know exactly what happened. However they hold different opion about that.

    And it is truth that we had that kind of barrier on the internet, but we are not fools. While we all know how to get rid of it. >_< And the youth alway use these foolish policy which is put by the government to make as a insperation of jokes. haha