New Midguard III Chasis Supports Qi Wireless Charging

Xigmatek has silently launched the MIDGARD III, a new chassis that supports Qi wireless charging, which is integrated and located on the case's top panel. This chassis also sports a newly designed intake from elevated panels, ensuring "maximum airflow and minimizing sound pollution."

"MIDGARD III is ahead of its time, in technology and looks," states the product page. "The main innovative feature is integrated Qi technology meaning when you come home from a long day at work or school, you can come home and charge your mobile cellular device freely and effortlessly without the hassle of using a cord."

According to the specs, the chassis supports ATX, Micro ATX and mini-ITX (with backside hole for CPU cooler) motherboards. The case also measures (W) 260 x (H) 515 x (D) 409 mm, provides three 5.25" bays and six bays for 2.5" and 3.5" hard drives. There are also seven slots on the back for add-on cards, and enough room to mount up to 330 mm cards and a 160 mm CPU cooler.

The chassis comes with a 120 mm fan mounted on the back. However, there are spaces at the top for two fans, one space at the bottom for a 120 mm fan, and two spaces on the front for a 120 mm fan. This case also provides up to 300 mm in length and 50 mm in height for a radiator and cooling. The power supply mounts at the bottom back of the case.

So what is Qi exactly? Developed by the Wireless Power Consortium, it's a wireless charging spec that enables compatible devices to charge their battery without cords. In this case, the user would simply place his Qi-compliant device on top of the PC to receive a charge. The only drawback is that Qi has a power transmission distance of around 1.6 inches.

As far as we know, this is the first PC chassis that provides Qi wireless charging.

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  • This is a very good idea. Would save me from having to use my Lumia charging plate.
  • jase240
    Qi charging is nice, but that case looks really dull...
  • Quote:
    Qui charging is nice, but that case looks really dull...
    I happen to like that sleek, minimalist design. Check out the pics on their website. It's got a nice sheen that can't be seen in this one.