Chaintech FX81 To Offer Better Cooler Solution For GeForce FX 5800 Model

Instead of pouring money into an expensive CeBIT booth in Germany, Chaintech organized their own exhibition in The Canary Islands at Tenerife. One of their newest products is the Chaintech FX81 Apogee, powered by the NVIDIA GeForce FX 5800 Ultra GPU. Our undercover operatives were able to snag these photos of the new FX81 Apogee from the event. (These photos of the FX81 are of a final prototype seen at the event.)

Chaintech claims that the newly developed cooling solution for the FX81 model will provide better cooling than NVIDIA's FX Flow reference cooler and produces a lower noise. (Around 30dbF From what we have been told!)

Case-Modders will be pleased to see the integrated blue LED's. The FX81 is targeted at those types of buyers.

The cooler is not yet complete. The final version will have an exhaust channel, to channel to the front panel of the case where the warm air is able to leave the case. The cooler also extracts warm air out of the case to lower its overall internal temperature.

As expected, prices are not final yet but, Chaintech promised that the feature bundled FX81 Apogee won't be more expensive than the cards of their competitors.