SilverStone Joins the 'Steam Machine' Compact Case Race

What had formerly been known as a "desktop" case and had since come and gone in media center PCs, the slim riser-card case makes a big return for CES 2014 thanks to Valve's Steam Machine initiative.

The Raven RZ01 features a gaming-inspired design, while its cousin, Milo ML07, sports a more traditional media-center theme.

SilverStone also spun its compact full-ATX Raven RV05 into a new Fortress FT05 design. A little more flash from an aluminum shell and a little less clash thanks to a smoother design, the tighter Fortress skin shrinks it to 19" high by 8.7" wide by 16.8" deep. Initial reports of no ODD bay are somewhat untrue, as the case does fit a notebook-style slim version.

SilverStone also developed the aluminum enclosure for Asus' XG2 station, which connects PCIe devices over Thunderbolt cables.

SilverStone's classic Micro ATX cube gets a new face in the SG12.

Also on display were several of SilverStone's power supplies, including the fanless Nightjar NJ520. Supporting up to 43A loads on a single 12V rail, we're equally impressed that any fan-free design can remain cool enough to achieve its 80 Plus Platinum efficiency rating.

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  • quilciri
    I wonder if the fortress FT05 can fit a full length graphics card vertically. If so, that design is brilliant.
  • Hunt4Epic
    12.3-inch card clearance on the fortress.
  • Jgriff
    They can do better than this.