Cooler Master Launches New Case And Power Options at CES

Hard launched this week, Cooler Master's Elite 110 supports a Mini ITX motherboard, dual-slot graphics card and full-sized power supply within a tiny 11.1 x 8.2 x 10.3 inch cube. Its 120 mm intake fan is offset away from the graphics card to enable installation of single fan liquid cooing radiators, though the taks of those radiators may still get in the way.

Cooler Master is also previewing its HAF XC full-ATX mini-cube, which is designed for both horizontal and vertical orientation. The CM logo flips to conform to the new position.

If neither of those suit your build, you might enjoy a customizable case from Cooler Master's Stacker series. They're adding new panel options for those who simply can't buy a perfect configuration.

Large systems often need extra power. Leaving no customer in the dark, Cooler Master showed off its upcoming V1200 power supply. It promises an 80 PLUS Platinum efficiency rating, has fully modular cables, and is quoted as operating noiselessly when under 30 percent of its rated load.

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  • David Dewis
    I want to see more of the elite 110. Ive been planning my own Gaming build for under my tv for a while and was going to put my HD 7870 into a elite 130 when i buy a Non Ref R9 290 in a few weeks. But this lloks alot smaller.
  • ohyouknow
    Definitely won't be fitting a 7870 in the 110
  • David Dewis
    608711 said:
    Definitely won't be fitting a 7870 in the 110

    Yeah i know, i actually looked up all the dimensions after i left that comment. My HD 7870 is only 5-10mm too big. Will just get the Elite 130 Means i can put a blu ray player in it anyway as i intend it to be a Gaming/Media Center attached to my Projector and TV