CeBit: Recession Cuts Out Riff-Raff

Everyone knew this year’s CeBit would be smaller than previous years. However, recent numbers suggest that rather than cut numbers in general, the recession has merely trimmed the fat off CeBit attendance.

Citing organizers, PCWorld reports that the fair saw a near 20 percent drop in visitors for 2009, but also says that those who did turn up to the six-day event in Hanover were, on average, a higher quality of attendee than in the past.

Organizers of the show said that nearly 1,000 exhibitors pulled out of CeBit 2009 in the last quarter of 2008. It also announced that next year’s show will be one day shorter and end on a Saturday, a change made at the request of many exhibiting companies at the show who say it is easier to travel on the weekend before a new work week starts.

In all, Hanover played host to CeBit’s 4,300 companies from 69 countries and 400,000 attendees. Kicking off the show was California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger who gave a pre-show/recession pep talk to those in attendance.

Hit PCWorld for the full report on CeBit 2009 stats.

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