CeBIT 2004 Day 2: Strong Showing on Friday

Based on a completely subjective observation of the stream of visitors on the second day in Hanover one could say that this Friday outdid the previous day by quite a bit. The trade fair administration reports exact figures. The THG reporting team made the rounds in search of new and interesting products.

AMD: Solid Plans For The Future

AMD does not have its own stand this year - but in spite of that they made the trip to Hanover to speak with visitors from the industry.

Of course we called on AMD to talk about future products. It is certain that there will be another Athlon XP for the Socket 754. However, it is also a certainty that this will not be anything like the Thoroughbred or Barton. It is more likely to be a type of trimmed-down Athlon 64, which will, in addition to the switched-off 64 Bit support, also have a smaller cache, at the very least, in order to set itself apart performance-wise from the Athlon 64 and the FX.

The new Socket 939 will be presented in the second quarter of this year. In the desktop sector, it should offer more flexibility because Athlon 64, as well as Athlon 64 FX processors, can be operated with Socket 939 motherboards. In contrast to Socket 940 and Socket 754, the HyperTransport channels (one with Athlon 64, two with FX) are now operated with 1 GB/s instead of 800 MB/s. However, there will be more and faster FX processors for Socket 940 so that previous customers of the exclusive computer workhorse will not be left out in the rain.

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