Casio and Sierra Bring Wireless to PDAs

Wireless connectivity, except for the sporadic service you get on your cell phone, is elusive unless you're talking about short range solutions like Bluetooth. Dialing in to your ISP to get your email on your PDA isn't a go yet, but a number of companies are working on making it happen. Casio and Sierra Wireless are two of these companies and they just announced that they are working together to bring more connectivity to mobile users. The two companies say they are working on developing Sierra Wireless AirCard wireless modems to support the Casio CASSIOPEIA BE-300 and the E-200 Pocket PC 2002 models, along with bringing wireless technologies to other Casio PDAs. The agreement names Sierra Wireless as the exclusive provider of CDMA and GPRS PC Card wireless modem products for Casio in North America. While the ability to dial in is great, if you live in the States, you'll probably be paying by the minute via a wireless service provider just like you do on you cell phone. I hope the cell phone companies filter out attachments to email messages or your average Word file could get pretty pricey to receive at 14.4K.

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