Case Modding: Enlightening Lighting

Thermaltake UFO: Blinking Saucer

Thermaltake's UFO fan features an unusual design. This 92mm fan is hidden inside a neon-colored plastic covering. A silver grille doubling as a finger predector is fitted with 6 LEDs. These receive power directly from the attached power source. Induction is not employed here as with the Rainbow Fan.

The LEDs are controlled by a chip and blink in a number of different pre-programmed intervals. The UFO fan is temperature-driven, responding to increasing heat levels - the hotter it gets, the faster the fan turns. The amount of heat measured has no influence on the lighting intervals or intensity, however.

The UFO has 6 very bright LEDs

The UFO FAN can also be secured in an 80 mm mounting hole using this adapter ring

To play the video you need the latest codec from .

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