Can You Run Nvidia Dual Graphics Without SLI?

True SLI: Abit AN832X (nForce4 SLI X16)

The Abit AN832X used in our tests features the nForce4 SLI X16 chipset. Our AMD testbed for the Abit board allows for a 38 lane flexible PCI Express configuration vs. 40 lanes if we had gone with an Intel platform. This board has gained Nvidia's seal of approval, it runs SLI and users simply have to download the latest graphics drivers on the Nvidia Website.

Utilizing HyperTransport technology, the motherboard attains a bi-directional 1 GHz system interface, supporting socket 939. It comes with Serial ATA 2 / RAID support for up to four ports. Abit has engineered a heat pipe into the motherboard, which it refers to as "Silent OTES." Product materials state that "heat generated by the chipset can be efficiently and noiselessly conducted to the back panel".

While the purpose of this article is to deal with the GLI/SLI issues, the Abit A8N32X has features for overclocking with increased voltage and memory frequencies - all is easily accessible through BIOS settings. Okay, let's get to the testing and results. Will GLI be able to match SLI performance?

slide show: Abit A8N32X

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