Can You Run Nvidia Dual Graphics Without SLI?


Overall, testing revealed little performance difference between the two motherboards. The newest SLI driver available for the GLI Epox board was version 81.98. 3DMark scores for both boards are virtually identical, while areas such as encoding and rendering for 3DSMax aren't affected by the GLI/SLI process and simply reflect the CPU performance in each test system. In the gaming benchmarks, the results are close, with the SLI system scoring higher in each discipline, the most prominent being an approximate 10% advantage seen in the 1280x1024 Quake IV Score.

We wouldn't consider buying a non-certified system for dedicated SLI use, but such a board is great for multi-display or low cost multi-monitor setups. It would be wise to check and see if the software you're using is covered under version 81.98 and go from there. GhostBIOS is a nice feature, especially for anyone who has inadvertently toasted a motherboard in their overclocking travels, and so is the unreachable and "separate" BIOS host.

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