Cablevision Bringing 101 Mbps Internet

While Time Warner Cable may be holding back on its DOCSIS 3.0 rollout because it is reconsidering what it should do after consumers lashed out against its consumption-based billing internet plans, New York-based ISP Cablevision is pushing ahead to reach ludicrous speed using DOCSIS 3.0 technology.

Cablevision announced today that starting May 11 it will be offering a new “ultra” tier that will grant users a blistering (by North American standards, at least) 101 Mbps downstream and 15 Mbps upstream all for $99.95 a month.

DSLReports said that it received confirmation from Cablevision spokesman Jim Maiella that the $99.95 price is unbundled, and the new tier does not come with any kind of a usage cap or overage fees.

That’s not the only speed boost news from the company, however, as Reuters adds that Cablevision is also doubling the speed of its Wi-Fi local access to 3.0 Mbps.

For those of you with access to Cablevision’s services, we’re extremely jealous.

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  • tstebbens
    Now all those Americans can get their porn that much quicker...
  • Benfoster93
    JESUS! MF CHRIST!! i wann live in that area avalibe to get that OMG!!

    i'm only getting 1/2 MB both up and down
  • Anonymous
    In Romania 100Mpbs downstream with 100Mpbs upstream costs 20 euro.