Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box, Performance Analysis

Benchmarks: High Details, No AA

Let’s start things off easy with no AA applied, but with everything else set at the maximum detail levels (except that the SSAO feature is turned off).

It looks like every card we tested is bumping up against the 60 FPS vsync limit, except the Radeon HD 4650 DDR2. Even this lowly card is delivering very playable performance with a minimum frame rate over 40 FPS.

At 1920x1200, all the cards except the Radeon HD 4650 DDR2 are still bumping up against the vsync limit. Even the Radeon HD 4650 remains playable with the minimum frame rate above 30 FPS, though. This bodes very well for gamers with an HTPC who might have a low-power graphics card, demonstrating that even 1080p is a viable target.

Finally, at the ultra-high 2560x1600 resolution, our Radeon HD 4650 DDR2 is rendered unplayable. While the GeForce 9600 GT is showing a little weakness, it’s also extremely usable at this resolution. All of the other cards are still delivering the maximum possible performance with this vsync-limited title.

This is extremely good news as all of this data tells us that even a budget rig should be able to handle Burnout Paradise at 1680x1050 with little or no fuss. Now, let’s add some AA and see if the landscape changes significantly.

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  • mi1ez
    How are you supposed to compare graphics quality using a GIF?!?

    Could you not have had multiple high quality JPEGs next to each other?
  • waxdart
    EA = DRM title = No sale.

    The game isn't that great. I alway found it annoying having to search out races. If you've only got a few mins to spare it's nice to be able to jump it and get going.
  • PT88
    Race Driver: Grid anyday!
  • jcook21
    I always loved the Burnout series and always promised myself a copy when it appeared on the PC. I bought it the other day and I was immediately impressed with the gameplay and graphical prowess, esp considering my rig.

    Core 2 E6400 @ 2.1Ghz (One of the first versions)
    2GB Ram (I think one of the slowest clocked DDRII)
    and a
    Geforce 7900GS 512MB

    I thought I was going to have to drop the settings to the floor to play it, but they are quite comfortably on medium/medium high - admittedly on 1280 * 1024 res. But on a 17" monitor do I need a higher res?

    Still, for £30 you can't go far wrong. It has me coming back every night for a quick blast - with jaw dropping graphical moments every time.

  • vasthegreek
    I tried the demo way before this article. Not my cup of tea. Too "arcady" for my liking. I didn't like the feel of the cars, camera angles and the damage....tbh I don't think that anything can beat GRID on the pc right now. Ok you cannot cruise around but it's all down to what you looking for.
  • PT88
    GRID is the ultimate arcade racer for the PC at the moment, if u want SIM then ur tlking GTR series.....
  • vicious5id
    Burnout is a different game when compared to GRID.
    GRID is pretty much a simulator, with some arcade elements.
    Burnout is about the thrill of speed, and the resulting crashes - not much else. A game for someone looking for pure fun!
  • Anonymous
    PT88Race Driver: Grid anyday!

    The chasis crunching gorgeousness of a head on inpact with a brick wall at full throttle easily passes the joy and frustration of driving the LeMans in Grid.

    Burnout wins in the Jump in and Go stakes. Just blasting round the city without furthering any set goals is fun in itself.
  • david__t
    The fact that the game runs well on lots of hardware can be taken 2 ways: either it is a good engine (as the article says) or conversly the level or detail is not as high as other PC games, coming as it does, from consoles originally. Although the Xbox360 & PS3 look good, we have to remember that they soon fall behind the PC in terms of graphics processing.