Gory Gaming: Bulletstorm Performance Analyzed

Benchmark Results: High Quality

At high quality, the lighting model improves dramatically. How does that affect graphics hardware?

There is a definite drop in performance; the Radeon HD 5570 and GeForce GT 430 fall out of the running at 1280x1024. The GeForce GT 240 GDDR5 manages 30 FPS on average and a 25 FPS minimum at 1680x1050. At 1920x1080, however, the Radeon HD 6670 and GeForce GTS 450 are needed for an acceptable minimum frame rate.

It appears that SLI now works in this title where it didn't before, with dual GeForce GTX 460s beating out a single card. On release this wasn't the case. Nvidia's new GeForce 275 beta driver fixes the problem.

It’s difficult to say if CrossFire is working because the single Radeon HD 6850 achieves a result close to the frame rate cap.

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  • infernox_01
    do the witcher 2 next.
  • HEXiT
    played it. loved it. it really is 1 of the best fps shooters out atm. it totaly trounced black ops, MOH and dare i say it crysis 2 in campaign gameplay.
    definitely a worthy addition to any serious fps fan. 8/10
  • Kralnor
    "There’s definitely a correlation between clock rate and minimum frame rate, but even a 2.0 GHz quad-core Phenom facilitates a minimum 40 FPS."

    Huh? It drops to 37 FPS.