Bull's HPC-Designed NovaScale Server

If two processor cores are better than one, imagine the speed that can be attained by four or more. Bull has announced a new addition to its NovaScale Universal roster. This new server combines computing density and space efficiency, energy efficiency and an efficient cluster administration.

With two servers in 1U, the NovaScale R422 is a standard server with the density of blades. It delivers savings in terms of chassis-related costs, power supply, cabling and rack costs. With double the computing power within the same space, customers can do more with less space, significantly reducing their real-estate or rental costs, and ultimately their TCO. More than 5.4Tflops peak performance can be packed within a single rack, delivering maximum performance per square meter.

The NovaScale R422 chassis features a highly efficient power supply unit (PSU) that allows significant savings on energy costs in the long haul, thus considerably lowering the TCO. Whereas conventional PSU efficiency rarely reaches above 75%, the NovaScale R422 offers a power use rate of 92%.

The NovaScale R422 clusters are delivered with a choice of the Bull Advanced Server (BAS) Linux environment or Microsoft’s Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003.

The BAS software suite for Xeon-based servers is built on top of standard Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 or 5. This integrated and comprehensive package, designed by Bull, includes Open Source and industry-standard software, together with specific features developed by Bull for high-performance computing (HPC) clusters. It includes comprehensive management tools to allow an entire cluster, including the platform and interconnect network, to be monitored and managed as easily as a single system.

The NovaScale R422 features up to two dual or quad-core Intel Xeon processors (5100 or 5300 series). This rackmount server incorporates technologies including the ’Atoka’ motherboard jointly designed by Supermicro and Intel, that allows two servers to be fitted into a single 1U chassis : i.e. up to 16 cores, or up to more than 170 Gflops in 1U.

Bull says its NovaScale R422 is ideally suited for use as a compute node in NovaScale clusters, in combination with NovaScale R440/460 service nodes. With its on-board InfiniBand connector, it offers unlimited scalability while minimizing interconnect cost. Whether for a small, medium or large-scale configuration, anything up to several thousand NovaScale R422 servers can by clustered together to deliver the required computational power. The NovaScale R422 is available now.

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