System Builder Marathon, March 2011: Value Compared

Benchmark Results: Audio And Video Encoding

Budget builders often ask why AMD's processors rarely crop up in our $1000 builds, and iTunes helps illustrate the answer. At its 3.4 GHz overclocked frequency, the $500 build can’t compete with the $1000 build’s 3.30 GHz baseline. On top of that, the $1000 PC’s processor overclocks far better, easily passing the baseline of the $2000 build. AMD plans to correct this CPU performance deficit in its next architecture introduction.

HandBrake results are similar to iTunes, except that overclocking the $1000 PC results in far lower gains.

Does Intel Hyper-Threading technology hurt TMPGEnc performance? The $2000 PC falls behind the $1000 build at stock frequencies.

MainConcept reflects what we saw in HandBrake, with the overclocked $1000 machine edging out the $2000 system’s non-overclocked results. The $500 build is barely better than half as fast.

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  • Anonymous
    These articles are always interesting, but...

    Could you please do an EU/UK SBM at some point? It's all very well looking at these to help decisions for our builds, but there can be big differences in relative pricing over here. It would, if nothing else, be an interesting comparision, plus you could run the giveaway open to us folks this side of the pond for a change...
  • evilgenius134
    For builds across the ocean to the UK you can simply change the symbol as hardware has a tendency to be the same numerical value from US to the UK.