System Builder Marathon, March 2011: Value Compared

Benchmark Results: Crysis

Somebody buy that man a monitor! The $500 machine looks like it might have been able to play Crysis at 2560x1600, when overclocked, but we’ll never be certain since it hasn’t been tested at that resolution. Surely, nobody with a $500 budget on their machine is expected to spend more than $1000 on a display, right?

Our highest test settings are supposed to be enough to hamper even the $2000 machine, but it passes the test perfectly. Likewise, the $1000 machine passes at its 1920x1080 target resolution. It’s probably time to step up our Crysis evaluation by adding AA (Ed.: or drop it altogether in favor of Crysis 2).

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  • Anonymous
    These articles are always interesting, but...

    Could you please do an EU/UK SBM at some point? It's all very well looking at these to help decisions for our builds, but there can be big differences in relative pricing over here. It would, if nothing else, be an interesting comparision, plus you could run the giveaway open to us folks this side of the pond for a change...
  • evilgenius134
    For builds across the ocean to the UK you can simply change the symbol as hardware has a tendency to be the same numerical value from US to the UK.