Apple is the Leader in Admitting Software Bugs

Apple is the new leader in reports of software holes and insecurities, according to security company Secunia.

To be fair, the Secunia's method tracks the number of publically reported security flaws, leaving Apple's taking the number one spot to be interpreted in different ways.

For one, Apple's reported flaws could mean that the company is more vigilant than others in reporting and fixing bugs in its software. Of course, the flipside to that is that Apple's software has to have those flaws in the first place, otherwise there'd be nothing to report on. Apple's security flaws don't come primarily from its OS X operating system, but rather mostly stem from software like Safari, QuickTime and iTunes.

Apple took the bug list lead over from Oracle, which held the crown for most reports from 2006 to 2009. Microsoft maintained its ranking at third, as it has over the past three years.

Check out the full PDF report here.

(via Ars Technica.)

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  • santfu
    amazing stuff, apple releases really buggy software and admits to it (which is cool to be fair) but then on the other hand cultivate an image of total perfection. nuts.
  • Amg
    well apple do admit at least mircosoft don't they just hiddenly fix it via updates, i would hate to see the update list for win 7 I know the one for vista is very long (around 80 now)
  • fjiekie
    let's see: apple reports it, microsoft fixs it
    if this graphs wants to have any meaning, they would have used the update from MS as well.