IE Drops Below 30% Market Share for First Time in 15 Years

While it has been fairly clear that StatCounter is counting some page views it should not count for calculating the browser's market share, it is apparent that the overall trend of browser market share is going upwards for Chrome, while IE is the only browser out there that is losing market share at a rapid pace.

Last weekend, IE dropped for the first time on StatCounter's charts and, according to my own personal records, is for the first time in 15 years below 30 percent market share. Last Sunday, the browser held 29.40 percent on StatCounter's charts, while Chrome climbed to a new record of 34.55 percent. Firefox, Safari and Opera are showing flat market share developments this month, while IE is down dramatically. On average, IE had just 32.70 percent share, followed by Chrome with 32.05 percent, Firefox with 25.32 percent, Safari with 7.16 percent and Opera with 1.75 percent.

Chrome appears to be on track to exceed IE's market share in the longer term by June. The takeaway is, of course, not the absolute number, but the indication that IE is currently the only browser that cannot hold onto its user base.

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  • LokalHero
    It's hardly surprising. IE has been behind the times for many years. It's also slow and buggy, especially when compared to Chrome.
  • gregor
    IE is craptabulous.
  • dizzy_davidh
    I'm a recent convert to Chrome having been an ardent IE user since the v2 (the really old one that didn't even support frames). I finally just got sick of the number of sites it took exception to and failed to load them properly or just took an age to load in the first place.

    Besides that my browser gets opened and closed a lot during the day and so a google browser that takes 4 seconds to load versus a Microsoft one that takes 10 seconds (with add-ins disabled etc. , before the IE supporters start talking about the minutia) there really is no reason for IE to keep my loyalty any longer.