Surf the Web on the Water: Wifi on ferries

Moovera Networks, a leading developer of fixed and mobile wireless communications systems, today announced that it will, in coordination with Wightlink Isle of Wight Ferries, provide in-ship broadband connectivity.

Wightlink has equipped ferries in the South of England running between the Isle of Wight and the mainland towns of Portsmouth and Lymington with the Moovbox M Series mobile broadband gateway.

The Moovbox offers ethernet connectivity for ship systems, secure Wi-Fi for crew laptops, and includes built-in GPS for real-time fleet tracking but unfortunately the WiFi won’t be available for passengers just yet. However according to Andrew Willson, CEO of Wightlink, we don’t have long to wait before we can surf the web from the waters.

“By equipping our ferries with always-on, high-speed broadband technology from Moovera Networks, we’re able to ensure our captains and crew have instant access to online resources throughout the voyage. We’re also laying the foundation for public Wi-Fi hotspot services as we continually seek ways to improve the passenger experience.” said Andrew Willson, Wightlink’s Chief Executive.

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  • spuddyt
    will this happen for the channel island ferries? (important to me, and probably me alone :p)
  • JMcEntegart
    I have no idea. Give me a few hours and i'll i'll let you know. :)