Four More Sub-£100 Cases For Your Gaming Build, Reviewed

Enermax Ostrog GT

Stepping up just a bit, the Ostrog GT facilitates twice as much room for SSDs compared to BitFenix's submission. The dual-drive cage still appears to be a tacked-on afterthought though, since it's mounted directly in the middle of the case’s bottom intake fan grille.

Surprisingly, the Ostrog GT is the only case in today’s comparison featuring eight expansion slots, which could mean that it’s the only true gaming case in the minds of some builders. We still review motherboards with sixteen-lane PCI Express slots down at the bottom and, given the double-slot coolers most enthusiast-oriented cards employ, the eighth case slot comes in handy if you want to install a card there.

Factory-equipped with two intake fans and one exhaust blower, the Ostrog GT supports two more exhaust fans on top and one more intake fan on its base. Adding a base fan requires removing the 2.5" cage, but that's not really a problem since it can be relocated elsewhere.

Lacking enough space above the motherboard to stack a radiator with those fans, you'd need to "steampunk" the top panel by mounting fans on the case's exterior (though you'd probably need to add some aftermarket grilles as well).

A lack of adapter loops makes the Ostrog GT’s cable bundle look clean. Motherboards manufactured within the last year shouldn't need any of those messy adapters, anyway. 

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