Biostar Reveals Lineup of Socket AM1 Motherboards

Biostar has announced a triplet of socket AM1 motherboards, which are also the first AM1 motherboards the company has built. The three motherboards are largely identical to each other, with a couple of subtle differences.

They'll be known as the AM1MHP, AM1MH and AM1ML. All three motherboards come in the Micro-ATX form factor, though lack one or two expansion slots from the reference format. They all use a 2+1 phase VRM circuit to power the CPU, feature two DDR3 DIMM slots, feature a single PCIe 2.0 x16 slot, a single PCIe 1x slot, and feature two SATA3 ports.

The AM1MHP features an additional PCI slot, which the AM1MH and the AM1ML lack. The AM1MHP and the AM1MH feature VGA and HDMI ports as display outputs, while the AM1ML lacks the HDMI port.

There was no official word on pricing for these motherboards, though we expect them to be very affordable given the objectives AMD has with the AM1 platform.

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  • knowom
    I really like this particular form factor that's a expansion slot or two smaller than the reference Micro ATX form factor, but has that extra bit of expandability that Mini ITX is just lacking.Could probably squeeze 4 so-dimm slots in this form factor if they wanted higher memory capacity options as well and 2 full size PCIe 2.0 x16 slots could likely be done as well and be pretty desirable.Nvidia should add a SLI slot to Maxwell 750 ti when it receives a die shrink and make a single slot design or dual board/dual chip design. They could pack so much GPU performance in such a tiny form factor if they did so and I don't think the heat or power would even be much concern.Whatever AMD's response is to Maxwell it should have crossfire support and be a single slot solution they'd defiantly have a hit on their hands.
  • qlum
    Does anyone else get confused with the old am sock when hearing about am1?
  • lp231
    desktop version were socket 754, 939, 940. Then it went on to socket AM2... up to the current AMD FX, which runs on socket AM3+.
    The old FX was called AMD Athlon 64 FX and it ran on socket 940.