Would You Switch to Bing for $3 to a Good Cause?

Google has become the standard search engine of choice around the world, but it's not the only one in the game. Microsoft's Bing is a fine alternative, but getting people to switch is hard. Would you switch your search engine if Microsoft were to donate $3 to schools in need?

Microsoft has created Search With Purpose, a page that will add Bing as a search provider in Firefox and IE (though the whole donation process will work with Chrome and Safari too) and send you a $3 donation code for you to enter in yourself.

The page notes "Bing will donate up to $100,000 in $3 donation codes during the promotion. Donation codes may only be used at DonorsChoose.org and expire on August 31, 2010." Nevertheless, it's to a good cause and you don't really have to be committed to Bing if you find Google is still a better fit for your internet needs.

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  • fjiekie
    ok, its very simple, lets go to bing, use it one time, donate their money to a school and return to google, move it!
  • Anonymous
    NO don't go there..... Bing is using the inocent/needy to collect your email addresses. I tried it.
    first you have to give your email to Bing and agree to the terms. then you get an email. next you go to the actual donation site and the minimum donation is $5. so unless you provide the remaining $2 the offer is not valid.
    But you have already given your email to Microsoft so they have made their money. How sad that MS is running scams like this.....
  • fjiekie
    yes go there, use a spam-mailaccount or create a new one just for this.
    microsoft wont know your real email.

    you can donate any amount, just go to the box and type "3".
    congrats, you just donated 3$ (of microsoft) to a school.

    please think it through before posting something like this.
    (you dont even need to (de)activate bing in your searchbar, just install it)

    so again, go and spend microsoft's money (it costs you 1-2 minutes, it has costs me already more than 5 min to type these messages and donate)