Best Professional Monitors

Professional monitors always come at a premium price but for that extra coin you get multiple color gamut options, factory-certified calibration and often times the ability to create your own color presets with included software and instruments. When you need the absolute pinnacle of color accuracy, one of the screens can fulfill that need, usually without any initial adjustment.

June 2016 Updates

NEC surprised us with two new 16:10 monitors, the EA305WMi and professional-grade PA302W. The latter turned out to be one of the best displays we’ve ever tested. If you’re in the market for one of the most flexible professional monitors out there, check out the details below.

Best Professional Monitors

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  • digicineman
    SCHARON HARDING is the AOC U3277PWQU really good enough for video editing and color correction in UHD for REC 709 and DCI-p3 with confidence? This is really tempting at that price. You can get two for the price of the BenQ or Asus. THanks very much. Are there newer versions of these monitors out now that you recommend?