Larry Ellison best paid IT CEO in 2005

Oracle founder Larry Ellison received was the best paid chief executive officer in the IT industry in 2005, according to the CEO compensation survey published by the Wall Street Journal. Ellison received a total of $7.425 million, which consisted of $975,000 salary and a $6.5 million bonus. Including gains stock options, Ellison added $74.37 million to his bank account.

On the other end of the scale was Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who received $0 in salary, 0$ in bonuses and 0$ in realized stock option gains.

Double-digit amounts were also paid to John Chambers (Cisco, $62.89 million total), Paul Jacobs (Qualcomm, $26.07 million), Joseph Tucci (EMC, $25.93 million), Sam Palmisano (IBM, 21.54 million), Matthew Massengill (Western Digital, $14.53 million), Ed Zander (Motorola, $14.32 million), Mark Hurd (HP, $12.63 million) and Hector Ruiz (AMD, $10.02 million).

Steve Ballmer from Microsoft was listed on the lower end of the list with a base salary of $600,000, a bonus of $400,000 and no 0$ in realized stock option gains. Intel’s Paul Otellini came in with a total of $7.71 million, which included a salary of $608,300 and a bonus of $2.68 million.

Even with almost $75 million in income, Larry Ellison was far behind the best paid CEO on the complete list : Richard Fairbanks from Capital One raked in $249.7 million.

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