Best Gaming Laptops

For our new gaming laptop coverage, we’ve completely rebuilt our system benchmark suite from top to bottom. It includes a series of synthetic CPU, GPU, memory, and storage benchmarks, nearly a dozen games, display testing, and the Optris PI 640 high-end thermal image camera.

This article currently includes all of the gaming laptops we've tested. Don’t worry, we’re going to add more units in a hurry, and once we do, we’ll update this page. However, a couple of notebooks already stand out, and given the time of year, we wanted to start building out this Best Gaming Laptops column immediately.

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14-inch Gaming Laptops

15-inch Gaming Laptops

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17-inch Gaming Laptops

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    Do not buy ASUS! Even if you spend $2,000 on a laptop, you are treated like garbage and they won't fix your issue. I detailed my issues with them on this Reddit Post HERE. TL;DR - Sent laptop for repair twice, but nothing was actually done to fix the issue and they just keep requesting my laptop. Out of the 3 months I've owned this laptop, they have had it for close to 5 weeks