Best Cyber Monday CPU Deals

Your computer's processor is its brain, the main component you build your whole system around. Whether you're upgrading a current build or looking for the best CPU you can afford for a new rig, every dollar counts.

With the Cyber Monday holiday season upon us, you can find some truly fantastic deals on AMD and Intel CPUs of all types. Though there are some Intel chips on sale, we're seeing more discounts on AMD products. Last-gen CPUs from AMD's Ryzen 1000 series, Intel's 8th Gen Core and AMD's Threadripper 1000 series are seeing significant price drops and are worth considering. 

Whatever processor you choose, make sure that you buy (or already own) a compatible motherboard. See below for a list of our favorite CPU deals right now. And, if you find a deal on your own and you're wondering whether to pull the trigger, check out our article on how to tell a CPU deal from a dud.

Best CPU Deals