AMD X370 Motherboard Roundup

AMD's X370 is currently the most feature rich chipset for socket AM4 motherboards. X370 is closely followed by AMD's B350 chipset, and both are able to overclock Ryzen CPUs. X370 surpasses B350 thanks to four additional USB 3.0 ports and two more PCIe 2.0 lanes. It also is able split the CPU's PCIe 3.0 lanes between two GPUs, which B350 cannot do.

AMD X370 Motherboards

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Since X370 motherboards support overclocking, it's crucial to pick a motherboard with a well-designed power regulation sub-system. Boards that have less than eight power phases and relatively small heatsinks may limit performance, especially while overclocking. To avoid this, ensure any board you plan to overclock on has at least eight phases and beefy heatsinks to cool them.

RAM support is also highly important while selecting an X370 motherboard. According to our tests, due to Ryzen's Infinity Fabric, latency between CCXs (CPU Complexes) significantly improves as memory speeds increase. This effect levels off as memory speed hits around 3200MHz, but to get the most out of your CPU, you'll want to ensure that your motherboard can support memory of at least that speed.

You'll want to consider other motherboard features based on what you personally need out of your PC. The number of various other ports will vary greatly from one board to the next, and while everyone probably needs at least two SATA ports, you're the only one who can say exactly how many you'll need.

ATX AMD X370 Motherboards