BEA Launches XML Beans for Java

BEA Systems Inc. has announced BEA XMLBeans, a BEA-hosted technology service that purportedly will speed and simplify Java developers' incorporation of Extensible Markup Language (XML) data into Java. BEA will be launching a Web-based beta version of BEA XMLBeans. According to one of BEA's Senior Product Managers Developers, Carl Sjogreen, Java developers who submit XML schema will have access to a set of Java classes that they can use in their applications to manipulate XML data. Java developers frequently must write tedious code to wade through low-level XML information structure, or they must try to make XML data fit into their Java applications. BEA announced that it will host a live seminar online on Wednesday, January 29th at noon E.S.T. covering XML Beans and how it works.

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