Be quiet! Builds 80 mm, 92 mm Pure Wings 2 Fans

Fan-maker be Quiet! has announced that it is expanding the Pure Wings 2 series with two new fan models. One of the new models is an 80 mm fan, while the other is a 92 mm unit.

The 80 mm fan is 25 mm thick and can spin at speeds of up to 1900 RPM. Noise levels at this speed are said to be 18.2 dBA, along with a static pressure of 1.85 mm of water. The 92 mm unit is also 25 mm thick and also spins at 1900 RPM. It is a little louder, at 18.6 dBA, and pushes up a little less water with a static pressure of 1.65 mm of water.

The company has priced the 80 mm fan at €8.50, while the 92 mm unit will cost just a bit more at €9.40. We've reached out to be Quiet! for more information on availability and U.S. pricing. We'll let you know when we hear back!

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  • damianrobertjones
  • mf Red
    Why is he getting down votes? I'd like to know what the 'water' means too...
  • Narcissistic_Martyr
    mm of water is a unit of differential pressure1 mm of H2O= 9.8 Pascal