be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 Case Review

be quiet! is a PSU, cooling and enclosure manufacturer from Germany. The firm has won numerous awards including Manufacturer of the Year nine times in a row from the German PC Games Hardware magazine. Its Base chassis product line is joined by new high end cases, which include the feature-packed Dark Base Pro 900.

The steel frame is encased in painted aluminum. A sleek design is contrasted by orange accents around the beveled edges of the case, following the circuit cooling system featured in the Dark Base Pro 900. From E-ATX to Mini-ITX, this case can fit it all. Entirely modular in its design, you can configure your components, cooling setups and cables in any way you choose. This case is fairly large. Our measured dimensions are 23 1/2” x 23 1/8” x 9 7/8” (L x H x W). It’s worth noting that anywhere the case has the brushed aluminum panels, fingerprints are sure to be found.


Space Above
1.6 + 1.4" (76mm)
Card Length12.8 - 18.5" (3.25-4.7 cm)
Weight24 lbs (11 kg)
Front Fans
2x 140mm
(2x 120mm)
Rear Fans
1x 140mm
(1x 120mm)
Top Fans
(4x 120 / 3x 140mm)
Left Side
Right Side
(2x 120mm)
5.25" ExternalTwo
3.5" ExternalNone
3.5" InternalSeven
2.5" Internal1 +14*
Card SlotsEight
USB 3.0Two
USB 2.0Two
Fan ControlAnalog
OtherLED Switch
SidesAsphalt (Right-Side)

The front panel features two USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 ports. Headphone and microphone jacks are also present, along with power and reset buttons. The power button and HDD light on the front glow orange, matching the edge accents of the case. The logo is presented towards the bottom.

On the back, there are hexagon-pattern air holes with a single 140mm fan on top. The case features eight PCI slots.

The motherboard side panel has a concealable fan mount that hosts two 120mm fan slots. There are some space concerns here. If you choose to occupy both fan mounts, they may interfere with cable management space. You could, however, only open the cover partially to allow for extra air intake. Since this is the pro version of the case, only this side panel is secured with thumb screws that resist full detachment from the panel. You can however, switch which side each panel is on.

Beautiful, tinted, tempered glass covers the other side of the enclosure. It is secured by 4 thumb screws in each corner. Caution is advised when removing this pane of glass since not much is supporting the bottom once the screws come off. The Pro version of the case is differentiated by the tempered glass panel, which runs $50 more than the standard Dark Base 900 model.

The bottom of the case has no ventilation, but there are two internal fan mounts that draw air from between two panels. The case is raised from the surface it’s on by four feet, with great quality rubber grommets on the bottom. The rubber has a small total surface area, though a great grip.

The top of the case has some exhaust vents towards the back and a built in Qi charger towards the front. If you have a higher end smart phone that supports wireless charging then this will be a very convenient feature. The top panel is difficult to remove, requiring some coordination to unlock the eight clips that secure it.

Outside edges feature a circuit ventilation system. The holes are L shaped to prevent the air from traveling in a straight line. Breaking up the air like this reduces noise.

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  • DanielSpaending
    I really miss some comments on the modularity, and if it works as intended. Especially I would like to know how the reversible motherboard tray works, and if that might justify the higher pricepoint.

    Also I'm pretty sure that the Dark Base Pro 900 features a dustfilter and ventilation in the bottom. I wonder if this case is a preproduction sample?

    However, it was a nice review. I'm a bit surprised by the high temps, but overall it seems like a tempting upgrade for me.