New Limited Edition Chassis And Slim Cooler Revealed By be quiet! At CES 2019

be quiet! enjoys enormous success in the chassis market so it decided to offer a limited, white edition of its Dark Base 700. The firm will only manufacture 3000 units. Aside from the white paint job, all the other top-notch features of the normal Dark Base 700 are present, including the tempered glass, the front panel's RGB lighting, the type-C USB connectors in the I/O panel, and the Silent Wing 3 fans.

The Dark Rock Slim cooler is a compact version of the Dark Rock 4, providing more room for you to easily install RAM DIMMs with increased height heat sinks. It can cope with up to 180W thermal loads, thanks to its four heat pipes, which is impressive given that its big brother is rated for 200W, merely 20W more. Since in the Dark Pro Slim the screws of the mounting mechanism are easily accessible, the bundle does not include the long screwdriver that comes with the Dark Pro 4 version. If you need a heat sink with increased RAM compatibility, then the Slim version looks to fit the bill. A white version of this heat sink is expected later into this year.

be quiet! also showed upgraded versions of the Pure Wings and the Shadow Wings fans. The Pure Wings come in 140mm and 120mm models. The first can spin up to 1600RPM, while the later can reach up to 2000RPM. According to be quiet!, the special designed blades keep acoustics low even under high rotation speeds.

The Shadow Wings fans are more silent than the Pure Wings ones, since their max speeds are limited to 900RPM for the 140mm model and 1100RPM for the 120mm model. Besides the usual dark color, there is also a sleek-looking white edition. This is not just a paint job, since the firm actually used white plastic.

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  • alan_rave
    It looks good.Better than black one))
  • photonboy
    In the picture for the "slim" model I thought there was ONE cooler with two fans but it was two coolers... I thought it had two down-facing fans and that the SLIM model was on the right-side (looking down) and blowing over the DIMM modules.

    In other words, I thought it was a normal, downward-facing cooler that extended to the right for additional cooling but overall wasn't very HIGH for a slim case.

    Does that seem like it would actually work?
  • Rexer
    AMD did this nearly ten years ago with cores (I forgot which cpu), not with igpu's. Instead of buying a four core, it was 3 cores. But at least they offered it at lower prices.