Intel Staff Base Jumping Off a Six Story Building

You might remember back in December when Intel Finland shot five Intel engineers (or actors pretending to be Intel engineers) out of cannons for a commercial. The human cannonballs were fired at an arrangement of bells in an attempt to recreate the famous Intel chime.

However cool it was, the video from last year was also very fake. This next clip hails from Intel Romania and, though it's not yet clear if this one is fake too, we'd like to give the Romanian Intel employees in this video the benefit of the doubt.

The stunt was supposedly organized by Intel employee Iulian Sabau and involved dropping five men from the top of Intel six-story offices onto giant airbag horns, which then honked the Intel chime. Who did it better, the airbag honkers or the human cannon bells? You decide!

And just to jog your memory, the cannon video…

Source: Intel via Engadget

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