New App Brings Augmented Reality HUD to Your Windshield

Augmented reality is the next big step for personal computing. Adding information overlays for life has a lot of practical applications, especially if you can avoid fiddling with your device while on the road. And now we can say "there's an app for that."

Hudway works by reflecting light from the display off of the windshield and into your eyes. It uses Google maps and it allows you to set up a route,  attach it to the dash, and then the directions appear automatically.

For the time-being, the display only works at night and in similar low-light conditions. The demo videos are surprisingly impressive, but if you're planning on picking it up, you may also want to invest in a dashboard mount so the expensive bit of tech can safely sit where it needs to. Oh! A charger might be wise as well (screens being the power-hogs they are).

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  • bobusboy
    Maybe I'm blind, what is the name of the app?
  • DelightfulDucklings
    261451 said:
    Maybe I'm blind, what is the name of the app?

    It's called 'Hudway'

    On another note this looks like another incremental step towards automated cars ^.^
  • eza
    there are loads of them and they've been around for ages now.
    just search google play for "HUD".

    they only work well at night.
    for daytime driving i use iOnRoad - it uses the camera and warns you if lane drifting or approaching something too quickly (eg. if someone brakes suddenly)