Vuzix Launches Next-Gen See-Thru AR Eyewear System

Vuzix said on Monday that it has shipped the next-generation model of its digital see-through Augmented Reality eyewear, the Wrap 1200AR. This updated model retains the same sunglasses style look, but now offers a wider field of view, adjustable eye-separation and other new enhanced features. As of this writing, pricing is set at $499.99 USD.

The AR glasses provide the equivalent of a huge 16:9 widescreen 75-inch display as seen from 10 feet away. It also supports both 2D and 3D content at home and on the go, allowing the user to watch a missed movie or explore video podcasts. Component video connections pull content from game consoles, iPod touch, iPhone and other compatible devices.

The spec list shows that the Wrap 1200AR has twin high-resolution 852 x 480 LCD displays, a 60Hz progressive scan update rate, a 35-degree diagonal field of view and 24-bit true color (16 million colors). It also includes rechargeable NiMH batteries, a USB charger and support for both side-by-side and 3 formats of anaglyph 3D video.

"AR is taking the world by storm and is gaining momentum in many markets," said Paul Travers, President and CEO, Vuzix Corporation. "We provide these AR tools to research facilities, universities, game developers and enthusiasts, enabling them to develop affordable and compelling Augmented Reality solutions."

Vuzix said the updated Wrap 1200AR now includes a free copy of maxReality, an AR content authoring plug-in for Autodesk 3ds Max. There's also a royalty-free VR/AR SDK for Windows offering direct support for Vuzix technologies, and to demonstrate stereoscopic 3D video, head tracking and utilization of the AR camera data, the company said.

"The new Wrap 1200 video eyewear offer greater compatibility, flexibility and viewing quality than ever before," the company said. "Not only does the Wrap 1200 support both standard 2D video and today's exciting explosion of 3D video, it connects to more media sources in more ways than ever before. The Wrap 1200 improvements don’t stop there. Focus, eye-separation and viewing angle adjustments combine to offer optimum viewing quality for all."

To purchase the Wrap 1200AR, head here.


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