Audiovox 9155GPX GPS Cell Phone

GPS capabilities in cell phones are a great idea for tracking down the location of calls (and hence callers) in emergency situations, but unfortunately you can bet that some genius will also give your boss access to the service to track you down if you happen to take a little mental health break on company time. Safety first, I guess, and we'll have to hope the pros outweigh the cons. Audiovox Communications just let us know about its first GPS-enabled, 3G handset, called the 9155GPX. The 9155GPX is a CDMA tri-mode (800 MHz CDMA, 1900 MHz PCS and 800 MHz AMPS), web-enabled, 1XRTT capable handset equipped with a MSM5100 chipset that offers both Bluetooth capability and gpsOne-based position location. It's among the first phones that complies with the FCC's E-911 directives (in the U.S.). The 9155GPX is in a form factor similar to Audiovox's the CDM-9100 but unlike its predecessor, it's 3G CDMA2000 1XRTT capable to enable high speed wireless connectivity of up to 153 kpbs for fancy apps like web browsing, email, and simultaneous reception of audio, video and text data. The handset also features web browser UP 4.1, two-way short message service (SMS), voice-activated dialing and a two-way speakerphone. The 9155GPX should rear its head at the Consumer Electronics Show in January and will be priced at around $299.

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