AT&T and Samsung Unveil New Ultraslim Handsets

Just when you think that cell phones can’t get any smaller or thinner, Samsung develops one that not is not only tiny, but includes all the bells and whistles. AT&T Inc. and Samsung Telecommunications America have released the Samsung SGH-a717, a clamshell-style phone, and the SGH-a727, a bar-style phone that will be available in the coming weeks.

The a717 (12.9 mm) and a727 (8.9 mm) are currently the slimmest 3G phones available from AT&T. They also offer services that include AT&T Mobile Music, Cellular Video, access to MobiTV and MobiRadio, Bluetooth technology, a microSD memory card slot and multiple messaging options.

The phones will also support AT&T’s forthcoming Video Share service, launching this summer. Video Share allows users to add a live, one-way video stream to a standard voice call, allowing the called party to view what the caller is seeing during a voice call. Both customers must be in an area served by the company’s 3G network and have a Video Share-enabled phone.

AT&T Mobile Music features connectivity that allows customers to use Napster or Yahoo ! Music to load music onto the devices, and also includes Music ID, XM Radio, music videos, The Buzz music news portal, and more.

Additional features of the a717 and a727 include :

2.0 and 1.3 megapixel cameras, respectively

Quad-band GSM technology (1900/850/900/1800 MHz), which allows AT&T customers to make calls in more than 190 countries and to download data in more than 125

Dual-band 3G (850 MHz, 1900 MHz) which provides average download data speeds between 400 and 700 kilobits per second with bursts of more than 1 megabit through AT&T’s HSDPA (High Speed Download Packet Access) network

Bluetooth 2.0 and a microSD memory card slot

SMS, MMS, instant messaging and mobile email

MobiTV and MobiRadio

The SGH-a717 is available now through AT&T retail locations (formerly Cingular Wireless). The SGH-a727 will be available soon. The a717’s and a727’s suggested retail price is $149.99 and $99.99 respectively, after a two-year contract activation and a $50 mail-in rebate.

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