ATI's IMAGEON 100 Coprocessor for Handhelds

Continuing its foray into providing silicon for devices other than those with its own brand name stamped on the box, ATI just let us know about the IMAGEON100, a display co-processor for handheld electronic devices like PDAs and data-enabled mobile phones. IMAGEON 100 includes support for MPEG-4 decoding along with a 2D graphics engine that features font caching and font anti-aliasing, alpha blending, scaling, and object rotation. ATI says the MPEG 4 hardware decode functions free up more than 50% of MIPS power from the main CPU and accelerates iDCT, Motion Compensation, Scaling and Color Space Conversion. The chip includes 384 kBytes of embedded SRAM to support double buffering of images and integrates an SDRAM controller to support resolutions up to 800 x 600 at a color depth of 16 bpp with external memory. Its SRAM interface connects to embedded microprocessors that include Intel's StrongARM and XScale, Motorola's DragonBall, NEC's MIPS processors, and Hitachi's SH series. IMAGEON100's programmable LCD Timing Controller supports from 1-bit monochrome to 18-bit color STN or TFT panels. Other functions of the display engine are Frame Modulation, Partial Screen Refresh, and Panel Rotation (90 degrees , 180 degrees, 270 degrees). ATI's IMAGEON 100 media controller is sampling now with mass production shipments starting next month.