ATI Releases New Catalyst Drivers

ATI has posted CATALYST 02.5 certified drivers for all RADEON class products. This driver release contains a number of important game and application fixes, significant performance increases, and new features.

One of the significant features of CATALYST 02.5 is the new control panel "Wait for Vertical Sync" slider, which gives users greater control over their ability to enable VSync, (A significant number of users had been have been hoping that we would implement this). CATALYST 02.5 also includes HydraVision 3.2, which provides a number of new MultiDesk features, as well as the new MagnifiyFX control panel.

Other specific areas of performance improvement include:

* RADEON 9700 PRO Anti-Aliasing and Anisotropic filtering performance has increased 10% in just about every game

* RADEON 9700 PRO also gains appreciably in two Workstation-oriented tests:
ViewPerf 7 Unigraphics score has doubled with 7.80
ViewPerf 6 ProCDRS score is up 30%

The CATALYST 02.5 software package and release notes are available here:

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