ATI Hooks up with Hercules

ATI has been making a slew of new friends since deciding to license out its software and silicon. The latest member of the ATI coalition was announced last week as being graphics card old-timer Hercules Technologies. The two companies told the world about a strategic partnership to develop a range of graphics products, including boards for gamers and less needy "family users." Hercules will market ATI's new ALL-IN-WONDER products including ALL-IN-WONDER RADEON 8500DV technology in retail and distribution channels through a European Exclusive Agreement. Hercules will also have worldwide access to the latest ATI 3D graphics technologies, including ATI's RADEON 8500 chip. The company intends to use the 8500 in its 3D Prophet branded products. Hercules products powered by ATI's ALL-IN-WONDER RADEON will begin shipping in February 2002. Evidence of Hercules being a big gun in the graphics card market is as simple to find as seeing that it survived the demise of many other players in the game in the past few years. The agreement between the two companies should have interesting results, especially in Europe.

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