Atheros gets small(er) with 11g

Atheros just announced the world’s first complete single-chip 802.11g WLAN solution.

The Atheros AR5005G integrates a Media Access Controller (MAC), baseband processor and 2.4 GHz radio as well as "many discrete components" in a standard CMOS-based design. The new device includes hardware support for Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA and WPA2) and 802.11i Enhanced Security using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and also supports Cisco Compatible Extensions (CCX).

The company says the new chip will result in a 35% part count reduction from products based on two-chip solutions, and a "similar reduction in rest-of-BOM (bill-of-materials) costs". They also assert that the new device achieves the same range and throughput as its preceeding multi-chip 802.11g solution while consuming 98 percent less power than competing devices. The low power consumption is achieved by controlling the power of different sections of the wireless device according to the level of system and network activity.

Undaunted by the Broadcom-fueled controversy regarding its Super-G throughput enhancement technology, the company said both Super-G and its XR range extension technology would be part of the new chip’s capabilities.

Atheros is currently sampling the AR5005G, with volume production expected in the second quarter. Pricing was not given.

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