Atari bailing water at a frantic rate, slashes all game prices to $20

Atari apparently is bailing water at a frantic rate at the moment. With the business in serious financial trouble again, the company announced that they’re it is slashing all their game prices, on all formats, to $20 in North America.

Even the release about it sounded a bit desperate, trumpeting the "groundbreaking" GamersFirst program, as they’re calling it. The program will begin on 1 June of this year, and we’ll see an immediate price drop to the $20 point, as well as PC titles becoming available via Direct2Drive and Valve’s Steam online content distribution systems.

"Atari is committed to providing great gaming experiences to the largest possible audience," said Atari chief executive officer Bruno Bonnell. "With our GamersFirst program, Atari is taking another step forward to make our unique catalogue of games more accessible to everyone. We are proud to announce our unique GamersFirst $20 program and reaffirm our commitment to consumers."

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