AT&T and Sprint Fiber Lines Severed

Last night around 1:30 AM PST in San Jose, four fiber optic lines belonging to AT&T were severed by vandals, knocking off landlines, cellular and net connections for thousands of residents in the San Jose, California area.

Two hours later, two more lines, one belonging to AT&T and one belonging to Sprint were also severed around the San Carlos area. Police are looking into the matter and say that they are treating this as a crime.

Because of the close proximity in time of when the cutting occurred, AT&T and Sprint believe that this was planned out in advanced. Some are now saying that this act could have been carried out by angry employees or ex-employees of the two companies.

Angry at their parent companies our not, the perpetrators weren't really thinking at all, and acted in a completely selfish manner. Because the fiber lines carried both landline and cellular services, the act prevented people from reaching 911. If there happened to be a medical or criminal emergency during the outage period, residences in the area would have been stranded

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