AT&T and Research in Motion Team up for BlackBerry Services

There are now so many convergence devices on the market that it's getting more and more difficult to afix them with monikers. We have cell phones that are also PDAs, PDAs that send and receive email, and pagers that are taking on the attributes of cell phones. Here's another device destined to confuse those who expect gadgets to fit into set categories. AT&T Wireless and Research In Motion Limited (RIM) say their customers will soon be able to manage their emails and their phone calls through a new model of the BlackBerry Wireless Handheld. Using the device, you'll be able to place phone calls over AT&T Wireless' GSM/GPRS network. The new handheld will include an earpiece and microphone that attaches to the device to let you converse with your cohorts. AT&T Wireless' customers will be able to use the new handhelds to access email behind their corporate firewalls using its GPRS data network, once they install BlackBerry Enterprise Server software on their network servers. Details of the supply agreement for BlackBerry Wireless Handhelds with associated software and service haven't yet been released and information about the availability and pricing of BlackBerry for AT&T Wireless' GSM/GPRS network will be announced RSN (real soon now).

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