Asus VG245H 24-inch FreeSync Gaming Monitor Review


We have no doubt that the VG245H will attract plenty of buyers. It represents a price breakthrough for sure and is about the only display from a major company that offers adaptive-refresh in any form for less than $200. And it manages to offer nearly every perk of its more expensive competition. In fact, the only thing your extra cash will buy in most cases is additional Hertz.

So how important is that? It depends largely on your system, and in particular, your video card. If you have a Radeon R9 Fury X, then yeah, 75Hz might be a problem. It just wouldn’t be a good match; like pairing high-end stereo speakers with a budget receiver. But for more modest gaming systems, a 75Hz monitor is an ideal pairing. If you’re running an R9 285 like we do, the VG245H is likely the perfect monitor for you. The only issue you’ll run into is the 40Hz lower FreeSync limit. That’s not likely to be an issue unless your card is powered by a rat on a wheel.

We’ve established that refresh rate is about the only thing that separates this budget Asus from its competition. Every other thing a gamer could want is here. You get a quality TN panel with a flicker-free backlight, game-oriented picture modes, FreeSync, and the same build quality that goes into more expensive products, including ones from Asus’ Republic of Gamers line.

Looking at the benchmark tests, the performance is definitely there, but you have to dig for it. The factory default Racing mode is OK but runs a little blue with gamma tracking that clips some highlight detail. sRGB provides decent accuracy and is our go-to mode for non-calibrators, but a few users might find the fixed 195cd/m2 output level to be an issue. We urge buyers of the VG245H to use our recommended settings, particularly the contrast value, to ensure proper rendering of all details and a natural, accurate color palette.

With these tweaks, the VG245H becomes nearly the equal of its more expensive sibling, the PG248Q. It won’t offer the smooth motion possible with a 180Hz refresh rate. But when used with the right system and video card, its gaming experience comes pretty close to awesome. If price is important, and you don’t want to spend more on your monitor than all your remaining system components put together, then you’ve found the ideal value choice.

With no major flaws and only a couple of minor ones that can be easily adjusted away, we see no reason not to give the VG245H a strong recommendation. Its value is hard to beat at this point. For that reason, we’re giving it our Tom’s Editor Recommended Award.

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