Asus VG245H 24-inch FreeSync Gaming Monitor Review

Brightness & Contrast

To read about our monitor tests in depth, please check out Display Testing Explained: How We Test Monitors and TVs.  Brightness and Contrast testing is covered on page two.


Uncalibrated – Maximum Backlight Level

We’ve been reviewing lots of Ultra HD gaming monitors lately. These offer less speed and response than the VG245H. Nevertheless, one is included in the group today: Asus’s MG24UQ. While pricier, it still represents one of the best values in UHD screens and it includes FreeSync. We also have Nixeus’ NX-VUE24A, AOC’s G2460PF, and ViewSonic’s XG2401. All are 24" TN/FHD displays with FreeSync. To bring the count to six, we’ve included AOC’s ultra-wide C3583FQ.

The VG245H isn’t a light cannon but it does measure brighter than its specs claim. 309.9160cd/m2 easily beats Asus’ 250cd/m2 number. That’s plenty of light for gaming in just about any interior environment. And without ULMB, there’s no need for any additional output.

Black levels are mid-pack (remember that the C3583FQ is VA and therefore quite a bit darker than its TN competitors). The resulting contrast ratio is a respectable 1019.4:1. This provides plenty of depth and good color saturation for gaming, video, graphics work, or productivity.

Uncalibrated – Minimum Backlight Level

Reducing the brightness slider to zero results in an ideal 50.5917cd/m2. No other adjustments have been made at this point. When we calibrated the VG245H and lowered its contrast control, minimum output dropped to around 45cd/m2. Contrast remains constant at just over 1000:1, which is as it should be. We might be looking at an inexpensive panel here, but it seems to be outperforming its price-point so far.

After Calibration to 200cd/m2

Fixing the grayscale and gamma issues we encountered cost the VG245H around 10% of its sequential contrast, which isn’t too bad and makes our changes worthwhile. The gain in color and gamma accuracy is noticeable and definitely improves overall image quality. We’re not looking at any sacrifices for the sake of cost here.

ANSI Contrast Ratio

A slightly hot area down the VG245H’s right side spoils an otherwise decent ANSI test result. Black levels are a tiny bit elevated there, which puts the panel in last place. White zones remain bright and clean so intra-image contrast with real-world content still looks pretty good. Since uniformity is a factor in this test, a different sample might measure better.

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  • theRTT
    So now is the question: This monitor, or the AOC G2460VQ6? Suggestions?
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